Wednesday, October 12, 2005

That's a crime?!?

It appears that a few members of the UKs legal community have spent too much time at the local pub. The above referenced article finally provides some details into the heinous, illegal actions taken by a security professional against a Tsunamai relief donation site. To quote the article, "Cuthbert put ../../../ into the address line. If the site had been unprotected this would have allowed him to move up three directories".

Egads! Bloody evil old chap! If that's a crime, you'd best not click here. Actually, could I be arrested for inciting a crime by even providing that link?

Seriously, this conviction is a travesty. Given all the real crimes that are ocurring, to convict a true security professional for something that as trivial as a munged URL is unforgivable. It is inconceivable to me how such an action can even be considered criminal, much less inappropriate. It is no more malicious than a port scan, perhaps less so. The only person who should be out of a job in this case is the poor schmucks lawyer.


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